This private Space offers a hub for both you and the Athlete to collaborate, share videos, photos and notes, as well as track an Athlete's development and analyze their performance, all in one place. Here's how to create a Space:

Step 1

Tap the blue '+' button on the Spaces screen. Here, choose or create a new 'Sport' and select or invite a new 'Athlete' to work with. Sport will be pre-selected if you've defined your sport already during Sign Up to make creation faster.

Step 2

You can also add any other Coaches, Fans or Scouts that are interested in the success of your Athlete. This is optional.

Step 3

You also have the option to add this Space to a List, which groups various Spaces together for simplified, one-time communications with Members. This option will only appear if you have Lists.

Step 4

Utilize Notification settings during Space creation to set your preferences for app push or email communications. These will default with any other Space you create moving forward.

Step 5

Tap ‘Create’ in the top bar and invitations will be sent to the selected Athlete and Members. We'll let you know when they join in the Notifications > Invitations tab.

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