CoachNow Library helps you to better retain and reference all of your instructional media  posted for Athletes and members alike. Here's how:

Video and image analysis

Select a video/image and tap the pencil icon in the bottom right to telestrate/analyze it. Using the Snapshot or Recording features will allow you save the new content into the Library.

Editing and sharing

Tap on any media type and you'll have an array of options to choose from. Tap the arrow icon in the bottom to share it outside the app. Tap the tag icon to edit/add Tags. Tap "Create Post" to immediately create a new post with the media. And tap the trash can icon to delete it.


Trying to find something in particular? Tap the funnel icon in the top bar and you'll be able to filter media by its type, Tags, and publish date. Once done selecting options, tap "Apply".

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