Most video analysis tools have a feature that will allow you to export your content to other apps. If you have other analysis tools you prefer to use it is quite simple to transfer those videos over to CoachNow and make them easily accessible to your Athletes. 

Coach's Eye: Open your Coach's Eye app > Select the video you'd like to share to CoachNow > Select the three dots in the top right portion of the screen and choose share > Export from App > Open in... > Find CoachNow in the list of apps > Choose a Space and select Post in the top right hand corner of the screen

Hudl Technique: Open your Hudl app > Click to the right of the video you want to share > Choose share > Export to other apps & devices > Save video to device. Go to CoachNow app > Click on the Big Orange Wheel > Choose Library > Device Library > Find saved video from Hudl.

Other tools are not always as simple but we can help you as long as you can get the video or content out of the app or tool you are using. 

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