When creating your new CoachNow account, you'll have the option to start your 14-day CoachNow+ trial to try every CoachNow+ feature. After your trial is over you can keep going with CoachNow+ for only $39.99/month or $349.99/year.

If you decide not to upgrade to CoachNow+, you can still actively participate in your first 5 Spaces. Though participation will be limited in any additional Spaces, you will still be able to view any existing content. Those additional Spaces will essentially be read only for you, and you will need a CoachNow+ account in order to post or reply. It's important to note that your athletes/fans can continue posting in a Space, regardless of your CoachNow+ account status. 

If the timing isn't right, you will always have the option to upgrade to a CoachNow+ subscription anytime and regain full access to those existing Spaces.

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