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Posting/Replying in Spaces
Posting/Replying in Spaces

Quick how to as well as ideas on what to add to Spaces

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From the home screen or in a Space/Group, simply hit the orange capture button to add videos, images, notes, audio or files as a post.

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Below are some helpful ideas of the type of content you will want to add to your Spaces.

  • Recaps - Coaches love to see what you learned from a particular event, make sure to recap what you learned each and every time via text or even better a quick selfie video.

  • Technique Videos/Images - Over time be sure to keep track of how your skills have improved and be sure to tag them the same so it's easy to find them. (ie. full swing)

  • Drills - Coaches also want to know how you're going about improving, post your drills and what you're working on. Be sure though not to just add the quick video but add the 'why' too either in the clip or as text below. (tag it all too)

  • Results - Whenever you can also add scores, stats, and results of any kind in any format you can. Some take photos of leaderboards, others take screenshots of stats programs. When doing so though be sure to add what it meant to you, what you learned and how you can improve. (tag it too)

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