CoachNow PRO members have access to advanced group controls, enabling you to create new products like interactive paid communities, moduled on-demand courses, and more.

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Editing Group Settings

To edit the setting of a group, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the groups General page.

The three checkboxes represent your expanded group controls

"Allow Members to Create Posts"

When checked - members can create new posts in the group. As administrator, you still have the ability to delete posts (say, if they violate community guidelines).

When unchecked - only administrators can create new posts. Members are "view only" on the posts made by the administrators.

"Allow Members to Reply to Posts"

When checked - members can comment and like posts in the feed. Members can also view total likes and like comments below the posts.

When unchecked - members see only the posts themselves, no "like" count or comments made by other members. They can still see comments made by administrators.

Allow Members to View Other Members

When checked - members will see the number of members in both entire group, as well as each channel within the group.

When unchecked - only the group and channel names will appear. Members cannot see the number of people in each. Administrators will still be able to see these numbers.


Once you have selected your desired settings, click "Save" in the bottom right corner.

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