At CoachNow, we believe Video and Image Analysis is a powerful COMMUNICATION tool. And, like all healthy, sustainable, and effective communication, it can’t be a one-way street.

That’s why, at CoachNow, we seamlessly integrate Video and Image Analysis into your Spaces and Groups - it doesn’t stand in isolation and only acts as a mechanism to help your athletes when it’s needed.

To access the Video and Image Analysis Features, go straight into an athlete Space or Group on the iOS or Android app. From there, click the Big Orange Wheel icon to choose your media.



*NOTE: Video and Image analysis can only be conducted in the mobile apps and not on the web application ( However, both athletes and coaches can view past analyses from the web application and post comments or replies.

From there, you can shoot a new video, re-use a video from your personal CoachNow library, or upload one from your camera roll.

You’ll then see the post draft appear. Click the “edit” icon in the center of the photo or video you wish to analyze.

This will open the analysis kit.

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