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What’s the difference between CoachNow Analyze, CoachNow+, and CoachNow PRO?
What’s the difference between CoachNow Analyze, CoachNow+, and CoachNow PRO?

We have a a variety of plans designed to match the needs of our athletes and coaches

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Each CoachNow membership is curated to match varying needs, ensuring every coach or athlete finds the perfect set of tools to drive their passion.

CoachNow+: Our standard offering, CoachNow+ is designed to provide essential coaching tools for professionals. From a Cloud Library, unlimited Spaces and Groups, to Video/Image Analysis Suite and Lists, it's packed with core features that set the foundation for effective coaching.

CoachNow PRO: For those seeking a more comprehensive suite, CoachNow PRO is the ultimate coaching toolkit. Beyond the features of CoachNow+, PRO offers automation tools like Smart Lists, an Automated Template Builder, Post Scheduling, Advanced Group Controls, and a generous 300 GB of storage. It also includes exclusive access to expanded video features and both levels of our flagship series of courses - “The ConnectedCoach Blueprint”.

CoachNow Analyze: Specifically tailored for in-depth video and image analysis, CoachNow Analyze stands out with its focus on detailed examination and feedback. With features borrowed from both CoachNow+ and PRO, it offers a low-cost solution aimed at maximizing the value of multimedia content for performance.

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