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What if I already have a CoachNow Account?
What if I already have a CoachNow Account?

Already an existing user and curious about how to navigate CoachNow Analyze?

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For our existing CoachNow users who are curious about how to navigate CoachNow Analyze or other tiers, this article will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition and understanding of your options.

Upgrading to CoachNow Analyze: If you're currently using the free version of CoachNow, here’s how you upgrade:

  • Log in to your CoachNow account.

  • Tap the settings icon in the top right corner of the app or on the left sidebar on web

  • [ Screenshots]

  • Under the Subscription or Billing tab, you'll see the option to upgrade to CoachNow Analyze.

  • Select CoachNow Analyze and follow the on-screen instructions for payment and confirmation.

Existing Membership and Pricing: If you're currently on a monthly or annual subscription with another CoachNow+ or CoachNow PRO,

Note that if you have more than 250 items in your cloud library, you’ll be unable to create or upload new content on the Analyze tier.

Downgrading or Switching Plans: If you decide that CoachNow Analyze isn't the right fit for you or wish to explore another tier:

  • Go to the Subscription or Billing section of your account.

  • Choose the desired plan or tier.

  • Confirm the change. Note: Any price adjustments or prorations will be made accordingly based on your existing subscription.

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