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How can I add additional coaches to CoachNow Analyze?
How can I add additional coaches to CoachNow Analyze?

Use Spaces to add additional coaches to collaborate with

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If you're looking to add additional coaches to CoachNow Analyze, you can do so through the use of Spaces. However, it's important to note that this method comes with limitations.

Spaces offer basic collaboration capabilities, allowing you to invite others to view and interact with your content. However, if you have multiple coaches and require advanced collaborative features and comprehensive coaching tools, you'll benefit more from CoachNow+ and PRO memberships. These premium memberships are tailored for coaches and teams seeking robust collaboration and enhanced coaching experiences.

For custom pricing and to explore the full potential of CoachNow Analyze for your coaching team, we recommend reaching out to our support team. They can provide you with personalized solutions that meet your specific needs, enabling you to maximize the benefits of CoachNow Analyze for seamless and effective coaching collaboration.

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