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How do I import videos into CoachNow Analyze?
How do I import videos into CoachNow Analyze?

Import videos from your device camera roll or capture a video directly from inside the CoachNow app

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Easily upload supported media types and post to a Space or Group. Here's how:

Step 1: Choose the Space or Group you'd like to post in

Step 2: Tap the orange capture button to display a list of media options:

  • "Video" and "Photo" will open your camera to capture new media.

  • "Library" will open your device or CoachNow Library to choose existing media.

  • "Note" will just be a text-based post.

  • "Audio" will open your microphone to capture new audio.

  • "Document" lets you choose docs from Dropbox, Word, iCloud, and more.

Step 3: After selecting and/or capturing your media, you'll be brought to the Post editing view. If you are posting from the Home or Feed, you must select Space(s) this post will go into. If you're already in a Space, the destination will be pre-selected.

Step 4: Optionally, you can create and customize post Tags, which make it easy to filter and organize a large collection of posts for your audience. Select from Tags you've created, Tags from a specific Space, or create a new one easily.

Step 5: You can also telestrate or edit video/imagery before you post by tapping the pencil icon over the media thumbnail. Note: If you use Snapshot or Recording features, your original media will be discarded and replaced.

Step 6: Simply tap "Post" and your media will be uploaded to the selected Space/Group(s). Larger media will take a bit longer to post. You can view their progress by tapping the lightning bolt icon in the top bar of the Feed.

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