Video Analysis Version 1 - The Basics

Video and image telestration and analysis.

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Video and image analysis tools that help athletes get better faster, and helps coaches give timely feedback in a comprehensive way. Here's how:

Slo-mo and scrubbing

Upload or select any video/image. If it's a shorter video, the app will automatically process slow motion which allows for fine-tuned scrubbing. For longer videos, simply tap the slo-mo icon in the bottom right corner and it will begin to process. Once done, you can select which speed ratio you want the video to play at.


Use a set of simple telestration tools on the right to emphasize and draw on any portion of the media. Tapping an option when it's already selected will reveal different color options. You can also undo or delete drawings using the icons on the left side.


Tap the camera icon in the top bar to save a snapshot of the media. You can then create a new post with the snapshot or add it as a reply to any post thread you're in.


Tap the microphone icon in the top bar to record your voice and actions on the media. Once done, tap the red square to stop and save the recording. Like snapshot, you can then create a new post or add it as a reply to any post thread you're in.


Tap the "VS" icon in the top bar to compare media. You can select media from your device's library, CoachNow's Library, the current Space or another Space you're a part of. If you want to synchronize certain parts, tap the link icon in the bottom right and you'll be able to scrub both videos at the same time.


Tap the reply bubble icon in the top right to return to the media's thread. This icon will only appear for media selected from the Feed, Space or Team.

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