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Why do my videos keep loading but won't play?
Why do my videos keep loading but won't play?

Videos loading, black screen or just not playing.

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If you're having trouble playing a video, whether it keeps trying to load or showing a black screen, we have a couple options for you to try:

Clear device storage

CoachNow automatically stores all your media to our server and to your device. Depending on which limit you have, the more media you have on device to retrieve when trying to view, the slower it could become. By clearing older media from your device, it improves viewing performance. Don't worry, all of you media is saved on our servers.

Connect to stable wi-fi

Depending on you phone's provider, some areas of reception might be more poor than others. Connecting to reliable wi-fi will immediately make a difference for loading speeds.

Restart your app

As a last line of defense, try force closing your app and restarting. Occasionally videos take longer to load for reasons we're continuing to iron out.

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