In CoachNow, you can add your voice to any video or photo to add more context to your training.

Voice Over empowers you to talk through what you're seeing on screen, while giving your live comments and feedback. Voice Over functionality also means you no longer need to say everything when you’re together - you can always elaborate in the same place where the initial video was shot.

Access the Voice Over feature while creating a post and conducting video or image analysis. For more information on how to get to this point, please read this article.

Once the analysis kit is open in the app, tap the microphone icon in the top-center of the screen to begin recording. Once you are finished, tap the red “stop” button to save the recording.

Note: If this is your first time doing Voice Over on iOS, a pop-up will open reading “Allow Screen Capture in ‘CoachNow’?”. When prompted, select the button reading “Record Screen & Microphone”.

If you record Voice Over for a photo, it will save that photo as a video.

You can also add Voice Over to a video by following the same steps above. When doing so, you have the ability to pause, resume, or scrub through the footage while still recording. Once you’re finished, the new video will include your voice over, in addition to your screen activity while you are reviewing the footage.

When you are finished with your Voice Over, click the white button in the top right corner of the screen. Add text and tags to your post, and then click “Post” to share it with your athletes.


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